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While our core business is to provide security audits, Scanit also provides consulting services, security training, security communications solutions and reselling of security software.

Scanit engineers are trained to perform all work in a bespoke manner, only using automated scanners to occasionally double check work. This together with the fact that Scanit is entirely vendor independent, we believe makes Scanit a worthy global audit partner.

Scanit has a core business surrounding the evaluation of IT systems from a security angle, ensuring that every step of an implementation follows correct procedures, policies and guidelines. Using the knowledge that is gained during these audit phases, Scanit transforms the know how into seminars and courses, also partnering with third party vendors to optimize the quality of the audit.

Scanit does not perform any implementations of IT systems, preferring to be purely in the field of audit. Scanit is also entirely product and vendor independent, meaning that customers are able to trust the recommendations of Scanit without fear of outside influence.