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Scanit provides courses to eliminate false thoughts about security and to enrich knowledge. While system security is a broad subject, Scanit has created different courses to focus more on the specific fields in security.

Ethical Hacking Course
In this 5-day course you will learn the techniques and tools employed by hackers to attack your networks. Experienced security specialists will take you through a combination of class lectures and practical sessions.  more 

Oracle Anti – Hacking Course
A 5 day course of Oracle Anti-Hacking Techniques. This course teaches you all the tricks and techniques used by Oracle Hackers and how you can take appropriate countermeasures. product and services.  more 
Wireless Security and Anti-Security Training
This 5-day course is intended for technical staff of organisations that have a Wireless network, or are prior to the implementation of it. This course teaches you how to break certain WIFI specific security measures, and how to create a security wireless network.  more 
Forensics and Digital Investigation Training
A 5-day course that will teach you tools and techniques on how to conduct a successful digital forensic investigation.  more 
Conducting Successful Security Awareness Campaign Training
A 3-day course that will teach you how you can conduct successful Security Awareness Campaigns in your organization. Learn about common pitfalls of conducting such campaigns and how to overcome them.  more 
Secure Web Programming Training
Since many Internet attacks happen through web misconfigurations or poorly written web applications, Scanit offers a 2 day course for webmasters and web application developers to show common weaknesses and ensure maximum web application security.  more 
VoIP Security
In this 3 days course, you will learn wide variety of techniques used by attackers against VoIP architectures.  more 
SCADA Security
In this 5 days course, you will learn wide variety of techniques used by attackers against Critical Infrastructures.  more 
Exploit Writing
A 3-day course that will teach you how programs are being exploited. How software vulnerabilities such as buffer overflows can lead to the execution of arbitrary code.  more 
Telecommunication Fraud Course
This course is focused on Telecommunications Fraud Department Professionals, Engineers, Consultants or Management. It teaches the techniques and methodology used to Intentionally access a telecommunication service by using false identities with “no intention to pay”. This workshop is a combination of class lectures and practical sessions.  more 
SS7 Signalling
This course has been put together to help give an overview of what exactly SS7 is and how it functions. The idea of this course is not to show strengths and weaknesses of the signalling systems, rather to help each division of the operator to utilise this network and understand how the backbone of the telecoms industry works. This course is designed to depict a detailed picture of the architecture and protocols of SS7 along with looking at the latest SS7 developments.  more 
ISO 27001:2005 Lead Auditor Course
A 5 day course of BSI. BSI Management Systems is one of the few truly global suppliers in both assessment and training for a wide range of product and services.  more 
Buy-out courses
Scanit offers buy out courses intended for companies wishing to place a number of their staff on a course in the privacy of their own training facilities. These courses can be amended and tailored to the customers needs and timing.For more information about above mentioned courses, or a buy-out course, please do not hesitate to contact, or contact Scanit though other means mentioned on the contact page.