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Scanit was the brainchild of former staff members of Belgacom’s Protection and Prevention department. However, it would probably be fair to say that it was the keen support it received from the start from the then CEO of Belgacom, the late John Goossens, that gave the fledgling unit an enormous boost. Without his enthusiasm and the encouragement he and Karel Vankeirsbilck, the CSO, gave then, the phenomenal success of Scanit would have been unthinkable.

Scanit’s main task was to perform technical audits on the complex telecommunications and IT infrastructure in preparation for the opening of the telecoms market.

Due to its early success, its rapid growth and a noticeable interest in its services from the international marketplace, Scanit acquired semi-independent status from its parent company, with Belgacom remained its key client.

It was the through the international telecommunications shareholding group of Belgacom that Scanit became one of the most reputable IT security firms working in the international telecommunications business. It was also through Belgacom that Scanit gained access to the latest advances in IT technology and gave it the reputation of being at the cutting edge of technology in IT security. This reputation led to the US Government commissioning training courses from Scanit, and it also brought about considerable interest from a number of potential customers in the Middle East region.

At the end of 2001, a delegation from Scanit was invited to speak at the first IT security summit held in Dubai. This conference was a turning point for Scanit, as it brought a unique service to a region which was then just starting to become aware of the necessity of independent IT security services.

With the signing up of a number of corporate clients both in UAE and the surrounding countries, the demand for Scanit’s services once again grew. As before in Belgium, word of mouth was proving to be the best advertisement. With commissions in the Middle East region increasing steadily, the decision was taken in January 2002 to open an office in Dubai Internet City.

By the end of 2004, through the signing of strong partners around the region and the logistical positioning of Dubai, Scanit was able to help service the security needs of the Telecom, Banking, Aviation and Oil & Gas industries including 29 of the top 100 GCC companies.

Through local presence and the close contact, which Scanit has with its customers, new and improved services and courses are constantly developed to meet the regions needs. With the introduction now of Scanit R&D Labs, a new research arm, Scanit will continue to maintain its position as the number 1 security services company in the Middle East.